We’ve collected 10 of our most popular stories from the past year, to continue our Summer Reading series. Let us know which are your favorites in the Comments section or at the end of each article. Enjoy!

1. The Goal of Meditation (15:53)

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, TM Founder

TM Founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi speaks about the formula for perpetual contentment and unbounded awareness, 24/7. Regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation® (TM®) technique cultivates inner silence and expanded awareness, not just during meditation but throughout the day and night.

From Issue 27, September 2018.


2. A Modern Understanding of the Ancient Principle of Karma (47:34)

Tony Nader, M.D., Ph.D., M.A.R.R., head of the international TM organizations

What is Karma and how does it work? How can this knowledge help us improve our health, happiness, and personal development? Tony Nader, M.D., Ph.D., M.A.R.R., answered these questions in a Facebook Live talk, which has had 2.6 million views since the broadcast earlier this year.

From Issue 31, January 2019.


3. 7 Easy Questions to Refresh Your TM Know-How

Easy quiz to refresh your TM practice

Congratulations on completing your TM course! We’d love to hear how it’s been helping you. And if your meditations don’t seem as easy or frequent now, a personal Checking with a TM teacher will help you re-experience and re-establish effortless TM practice. Until then, enjoy this easy Quiz to refresh your TM basics.

From Issue 29, November 2018.


4. The Benefits of Regular, Twice-Daily Meditation

Self-paced slide show

There’s a difference in the results one gains from practicing the TM technique twice a day versus once a day. Find out what the research says in this self-paced slide show.

From Issue 31, January 2019.


5. 11 Best Ways to Enjoy Your TM Practice on Vacation

Tips for your TM practice on holiday

Get the most out of your meditations—and your holiday—with these tried-and-true vacation tips and meditator favorites. You’ll enjoy your break even more with the extra rest, stress relief, and time to yourself, and come home fresh and recharged.

From Issue 35, June 2019.


6. See the Amazing Things That Happen in Your Brain While Transcending (14:50)

Neuropsychologist Fred Travis, Ph.D.

What is transcending? And what does it do for our brains? Neuroscientist Dr. Fred Travis takes us on a guided tour of the brain during TM practice—including a live EEG demonstration on stage in New York City—and compares the TM technique to other meditations.

From Issue 28, October 2018.


7. 7 Self-Care Tips for Your Mind-Body Type

Nancy Lonsdorf, M.D., Maharishi AyurVeda® expert

Take Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf’s Quiz for personalized wellness. You’ll identify your mind-body type and gain tailored guidelines for health, vitality, and growth of consciousness throughout the year.

From Issue 31, January 2019.


8. Bill Hader on SNL, Anxiety, and His TM Practice (5:24)

Bill Hader, Barry co-creator and star

The Emmy-winning comedian and Barry co-creator and star talks about how he overcame his panic attacks and freed up his creativity, in an on-stage interview at David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption.

From Issue 28, October 2018.


9. How Tom Hanks Beats the Afternoon Crash (0:59)

Tom Hanks, actor, producer, director

Tom Hanks recounts how Jerry Seinfeld introduced him to the TM technique—and how it boosted his productivity. He spoke at a TM for Veterans Benefit on behalf of the David Lynch FoundationSM, at The Plaza in New York City.

From Issue 30, December 2018.


10. A Small Town That Radiates Peace and Creativity (7:56)

Fairfield, Iowa, home to 3,000 TM meditators

What happens in a community with 3,000 TM meditators? Find out in this delightful video.

From Issue 33, March 2019.