Tony Nader, M.D., Ph.D., M.A.R.R., Head of the International TM Organizations

Dr. Tony Nader, Head of the International TM Organizations

When Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Transcendental Meditation® program, planned for the future of the international TM® organizations, he chose as his successor a scientist and scholar with mastery in both modern science and the ancient Vedic tradition: Tony Nader, M.D., Ph.D., M.A.R.R.

Dr. Nader, a medical doctor trained at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Ph.D. in neuroscience), is one of the world’s foremost experts on consciousness and human development. He combines modern science and Vedic wisdom to illuminate the journey of realizing the full potential of human life in enlightenment.

Dr. Nader guides the global supervision of the nonprofit TM organizations in over 100 countries. From the Americas to Europe, the Far East to Australasia, he advises the TM program and its educational, health, and research programs.

Follow Dr. Nader on Social Media provides a platform to explore knowledge of the growth of human potential and the evidenced-based solutions introduced by Maharishi over the past 60 years to address many of the intractable problems facing our world today.

Learn more about Dr. Nader’s interactive online events, videos exploring consciousness and human potential, and his work as head of the worldwide TM organizations by following him on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and his YouTube Channel.

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