Did you miss David Lynch’s 2015 “Change Begins Within” benefit at Carnegie Hall? Thanks to Rolling Stone magazine, we (yes, we missed it too, sadly) were treated to an exciting, detailed account of the star-studded fundraiser in support of the David Lynch FoundationSM’s mission to bring the Transcendental Meditation® (TM) technique to at-risk New Yorkers.

The night began with side-splitting Seinfeld comedy, after which emcee George Stephanopoulos and TM teacher Bob Roth managed to get the crowd settled into a few minutes of meditation. (TM really does work!)

“Quiet time” over, classical guitarist Sharon Isbin, singer Angelique Kidjo, My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, Sting, and finally, Katy Perry—all TM meditators—livened up the eager audience. Howard Stern and David Lynch, unable to attend due to prior commitments, joined the cast via supportive video messages.

The performers shared their personal stories of TM’s impact on their lives. Katy Perry related her life-changing experience with TM, and Seinfeld offered this endorsement: “I would do anything that I could to promote [TM] in the world because I think it’s the greatest thing as a life tool, as a work tool, and just making things make sense.” The performers all shared their enthusiasm in giving their time in support of a cause they feel personally committed to.

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