On February 13, 2018, a capacity audience of over 1,600 people filled the historic Nourse Theater in San Francisco to hear filmmaker and philanthropist David Lynch on stage with Bob Roth, author of The New York Times bestseller Strength in Stillness and CEO of the David Lynch FoundationSM (DLF). The moderator was Adam Savage, host for 13 years of MythBusters, the popular Discovery Channel series.

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Bob Roth on His Journey to the David Lynch Foundation

The evening’s program began with an interview where Bob Roth described his personal journey from being an idealistic young student at UC Berkeley to becoming a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation® (TM®) technique. He went on to talk about his role with DLF in bringing the technique to hundreds of thousands of students, active military and veterans, homeless people, and victims of domestic violence, as well as businesspeople, artists, and entertainers worldwide.

David Lynch on His Work and TM Practice

Next, David Lynch answered questions about his creative process and the role his TM practice has played in his personal and professional life. He offered a number of tips for young creatives to bring fulfillment to their artistic goals.

The Audience Asked Questions

The evening concluded with an audience Q&A on topics such as why the TM technique is easy to practice, even for children with ADHD and autism; why maintaining one’s daily TM practice is not a difficult task; the success of the “Quiet Time” program in middle and high schools in San Francisco and Chicago; and the balance between light and darkness in David Lynch’s films.

Enjoy this fascinating exploration of life, art, and meditation with David Lynch and Bob Roth. You can play it here and now or download it onto your device.