“This book is dedicated to all seekers of knowledge, scientists, philosophers, teachers, wise leaders, and guides who investigate the secrets of how nature works and the effort to improve life on Earth.” —Dr. Tony Nader

I want to share this book with friends, family, and meditators in my Center. What do you suggest?

The best way to share the book is to invite meditators, friends, and family to visit the landing page for the book on DRTONYNADER.COM. From there they can choose a bookseller and preorder the e-book ($9), which will be released on April 1. Print books are available in Spanish.

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Can I “gift” an e-book to someone else?

Yes, you can, but only after the pre-sale period ends on April 1. Until then, you can purchase an Amazon gift card and send it with a note that it’s for the purchase of One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness.

Can I buy more than one book for myself?

There doesn’t seem to be a way to download more than one copy of an e-book from each store to a single account.

What is the best way to purchase books?

We recommend that everyone go to the One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness landing page, DRTONYNADER.COMand click on one of the sites where books are sold to buy the e-book.

Which booksellers are currently carrying the e-book of One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness?

Books are now available for sale at the following online booksellers: Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, Apple Books, GooglePlay, and Kobo. The Spanish version is available on Librenta and Amazon. 

Which bookseller should I choose when purchasing an e-book?

Important: Booksellers offer e-books in different formats. When buying an e-book, you will want to choose the format that is best for the device the reader uses.

• e-books downloaded from Apple Books can only be played on Apple Devices, e.g., iPhone, iPad, or Apple computers using the Apple Book app. This app comes with all devices.

• e-books downloaded from Amazon can be played on all Apple, PC, or Android devices using the Kindle app. There’s a handy app for iOS and Android that allows you to read these e-books without a Kindle device.

• e-books downloaded from Barnes & Noble (B&N) use the Nook app, which is available on Android and iOS mobile devices, and Windows PC. They no longer support Macs or older PCs.

• e-books downloaded from Kobo can be read on Android devices.

I live in the U.S. but wish to order the Spanish translation of the book in hard copy. Can I do that?

Yes, it is possible to order Un Océano Ilimitado de la Conciencia and have it delivered to the United States or any country. Just follow these steps:

      1. Go to the Spanish book landing page: drtonynaderlibros.com
      2. Click on COMPRAR.
      3. Under LIBRO (for hardcover) click INTERNACIONAL.
      4. Choose country (Estados Unidos).
      5. Follow instructions (in Spanish) to order copies.

When I tried to purchase the book, I found that the Amazon webpage was partially in Spanish. Has this been fixed?

Yes. If you find that the page still appears in Spanish, here is an easy, one-time fix: Go to the Amazon book page and hover over the U.S. flag to the right of the search field at the top of the page; then select “English – EN” in the dropdown menu that appears.

I have never downloaded an e-book. Is it easy?

Yes, very easy. Choose one of the online booksellers that fits with your smartphone, tablet, or computer (see above).

Are e-books the same as audiobooks?

No. Audiobooks are audio recordings of a book being read aloud, and are enjoyed by listening to them. E-books are read on computers, smartphones, or tablets, such as an iPad.

How long a book is it?

One Unbounded of Consciousness is 384 pages. The e-books are “Page Flip” enabled so that you don’t lose your place. The digital file is 2795 KB.

“In this milestone book, Dr. Nader offers ideas that can change the world… A must-read for any seeker of answers to the mysteries of life, the absolute and ultimate truth.” —David Lynch, Prologue