What’s Jerry Seinfeld’s big regret? That he used to skip his morning TM session! Now that he’s meditating twice a day and has way more energy, he can see what he missed: “My entire energy, focus, and ability to function all day and come home and have the family… Now I am functioning on this level I just didn’t think was possible for someone my age…  It’s just a dumb way to live, not doing it. You don’t need to die for what you want to accomplish. That’s what TM is all about.”

David Lynch and others watch Jerry Seinfeld at the David Lynch Foundation Fundraising Gala, November 2013

Seinfeld has been practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique since 1972. As an ardent supporter of the David Lynch Foundation and its programs bringing the TM program to high-stress populations, he’s also donated his comedic talents for its fundraising galas—like this one in 2013.

In true Seinfeldian fashion, his routine starts with Amazon drones and ends with insights into practicing TM twice a day to fully recharge his batteries, comedic and otherwise.

 Watch Seinfeld in action here