At the age of 25, I was at a crossroads in my life. My six-year contract with the U.S. Army was about to come to a close, and I stood before a multitude of options, not knowing which path to walk down. I began to talk with my ex-military friends that had returned to civilian life to see what the best option might be for me.

Quickly, I realized that no matter what it was they were doing, they weren’t really happy. Most of my friends were doing work they didn’t like, even though it paid well. Too many of their marriages were in shambles, and the only joy they received was from alcohol-induced numbness, several times a week.

I saw that this was the life that I could expect to lead if I went down the route they had taken. I’d have a nice, secure job but faced the possibility of living a life that would feel empty, devoid of the depth that I secretly craved.

This all happened before I learned the TM technique, and so I began on the path of a seeker…

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