The Transcendental Meditation technique has been part of my business toolkit throughout my career. However, I didn’t realize its real significance for many years. I started my own management consulting business in 1993 on a wing and a prayer, with nothing but my determination to succeed. It wasn’t until many years later that I recognized the tremendous impact that my TM practice had made in my life.

I learned TM as a child because my entire family practiced the technique. I was the last to learn because it didn’t really interest me. Then I saw some interesting changes in my family—they became easier to get along with, and we didn’t fight as much or as loudly as we used to.

But what really piqued my interest was when my father told me that, if I practiced TM, I could one day be like the genie on my favorite TV show, I Dream of Jeannie. Once he explained that this was the potential of TM practice, I really wanted to learn.

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