Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, TM Founder, describes the unique distinctions between how the brain functions during activity and during practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique. In activity, specific areas of the brain that are associated with the task at hand are switched on. But during the experience of transcendence, all areas of the brain are activated in a holistic way, which scientists call “global brainwave coherence.” Maharishi refers to this unbounded experience as self-referral consciousness, total Natural Law, and the Unified Field.

Question: Maharishi, a number of very interesting questions have come in from the press, one on the subject of full brain physiology. During last week’s press conference, you said that the full brain physiology is used only during the experience of silence in Transcendental Consciousness. Can you explain how the experience of silence that is gained during Transcendental Meditation can wake up the functioning of the whole brain?

11-1-SilenceAndDynamism-flwrMaharishi: The thing is, when the eyes see, or the ears hear, or the nose smells, all these various functions have their basis in consciousness. So when the eyes see, some part of the brain functions. Like that, different experiences require different aspects of brain physiology to be active.

Transcendental Consciousness is transcendental to any boundary of space and time. So the experience of that level of intelligence which is beyond space and time is that direct experience which utilizes the basis of all these different areas of experience, because that is a common field which is the main subject of experience.

Any experience of a boundary means some boundaries of the brain function.

Unbounded functioning is only possible with the experience of unbounded consciousness. Only transcendental experience will engage the basic value of all these different areas. All these different areas of the brain will begin to function simultaneously when one experiences transcendental pure consciousness. And this transcendental pure consciousness experience is such a delightful experience. It’s so harmonious. It’s so much in freedom. One feels like having come home.

“This transcendental pure consciousness experience is such a delightful experience. It’s so harmonious. It’s so much in freedom. One feels like having come home.” —Maharishi

Awakening All Areas of the Brain

Coming back home is that unbounded experience of Transcendental Consciousness, which awakens all the areas of the brain. And the practice of TM morning and evening gives the brain physiology habituation to think from this unbounded level, which is the level of total Natural Law.

That is why, according to the Vedic principles, the theme of action is described in terms of “Yogasthah kuru karmani.” Having established oneself in the transcendental, self-referral Unified Field, then perform action. Established in the Unified Field, perform action.

That means, make your total brain fully awake, and then perform action from that level of total Natural Law, fully awake at the basis of action or desire or speech. It’s a very beautiful philosophy, very pleasant to experience, and an absolutely marvelous way to achieve anything.

Consciousness-Based Education

Enlivenment of the total brain in every thought and action depends upon the habit that the children are guided to during their student age. That is why the student age is destined to create a unified level of intelligence, so that all speech and action and behavior will be knitted together in the transcendental field, and therefore nothing will go wrong for anyone.

Education will be fruitful only with this ability to engage total Natural Law, the Unified Field of self-referral consciousness, to come to experience. And this is what we talk about when we say, “Consciousness-BasedSM Education.”

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