Sarah Sica is the Director of Programs at the David Lynch Foundation (DLF) Center for Health and Wellness. She talks about her experience teaching the Transcendental Meditation program through a government-funded project for survivors of domestic and gender-based violence and sexual assault. She discusses how those experiencing post-traumatic stress quickly begin experiencing the joy of “post-traumatic growth” with the TM technique.

Ms. Sica has taught the TM technique in California, Colorado, Iowa, New York, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. For four years she implemented the DLF “Quiet Time” and TM program in middle schools and high schools in Los Angeles. Currently, she teaches TM in New York City to survivors of domestic abuse, and to government staff, business professionals, and veterans with post-traumatic stress.

Ms. Sica has been practicing TM since she was 10 years old and brings a lifetime of experience to her students.

Sarah Sica… discusses how those experiencing post-traumatic stress quickly begin experiencing the joy of “post-traumatic growth” with the TM technique.

Co-hosts Lea Cho, Director of Programs and Special Projects at the David Lynch Foundation (DLF), and Mario Orsatti, Senior Teacher of the DLF Center for Health and Wellness, interviewed Ms. Sica on March 19, 2023.

Watch the conversation with Sarah Sica (47:50)

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