You think jet lag throws off your biological clock—makes you feel dazed and confused? Well, living with the prolonged disruption of a quarantine can be even worse. If you want to feel healthier and happier during these strange and uncertain times, align your sleep and waking cycles with the circadian rhythms of nature.

Sync your circadian rhythms with nature

In this iHeartRadio episode of Stay Calm, Bob Roth offers simple tips from Dr. Norman Rosenthal, the world-renowned psychiatrist, medical researcher, and best-selling author. Dr. Rosenthal is professor of psychiatry at Georgetown University School of Medicine and was the first researcher to describe Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and develop an effective treatment for it.

In these turbulent times, find a moment of calm by tuning in to Bob’s daily podcast. While we may not always have control over outside forces, there are things we can do to find that calm within.

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