Ethan Jacobs really understands the millennial mind, perhaps because he has one. In his engaging and insightful piece, he explains why the Transcendental Meditation® (TM) technique is ideally suited to a “fast-paced millennial lifestyle.”

Millennials—people ages 18 to 35—”experience more stress than other generations,” reports Jacobs, attributable in part to such issues as work, money, a feeling of being entitled, and having so many options. He suggests using that freedom of choice to choose TM above other meditation procedures available. Why? Because it’s “a simple and natural way to quiet the mind” and relieve that stress, he notes.

TM has many other benefits, not least of which is financial. When we practice TM, “we learn more quickly, we get things done more quickly, we come up with brilliant ideas, it greases all of our wheels,” says Sarah Anderson, a certified teacher of the TM technique. It improves health by normalizing blood pressure while simultaneously and spontaneously increasing creativity. You get more bang for your buck.

TM effortlessly provides “a total ‘holistic upgrade’ of the mind, not the strengthening of one particular part,” writes Jacobs.

“We learn more quickly, we get things done more quickly, we come up with brilliant ideas, it greases all of our wheels.” —Sarah Anderson, TM teacher

Once you’ve been taught by a certified teacher, TM can be practiced anywhere, and it only takes 20 minutes twice a day. “You may have to get creative in carving out time, but millennials are adaptable and on-the-go people,” he explains, but you can do it in a parked car, or on a plane or train.

“Considering that millennials, in particular, pay copious amounts of attention to celebrities and their various affairs, celebrities may often times be talking directly to millennials when speaking publicly about TM,” Jacobs observes. He goes on to list some of the biggest names that practice the TM technique, including Oprah, Seinfeld, David Lynch, Hugh Jackman, Howard Stern, and others.

Jacobs goes on to emphasize that “these industry figures have experienced the tremendous sincerity of TM’s results and share their experiences due to an intrinsic motivation to help the people of the world be happier.”

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