This video profiles the Lindsey Adelman Studio and how the practice of the Transcendental Meditation® (TM) technique helps boost work ethic, creativity, and productivity among its brilliant designers, artists, managers, and staff.

Sara McBeen: “When you have a group of creative people, there’s a lot of energy. I think that meditation plays a role in allowing creativity to flow.”

Lindsey Adelman and designers at work in the Studio.

Lindsey Adelman, Founder and Creative Director: “After everybody learned Transcendental Meditation and started practicing it, people would say to me ‘I don’t take things so personally anymore.’ What more could you ask for as a boss? Obstacles aren’t really even a topic anymore. People are so about how many different ways can we find to getting to the solution.”

Ilya Brukhman, Digital Design Department Center: “I’ve noticed things that would have stressed me out didn’t have the same power. The less stress there is for everyone individually, the less friction there will be within the organization.”

A Lindsey Adelman Studio creation.

Mary Savel, Director of Operations/Accounting Manager/HR: “The culture at the studio is just so different than working for any other company. Employees are much more satisfied coming to work, and their retention is really good.”

Sara McBeen, Senior Designer/Production Manager: “It was the first style of meditation I had learned where I felt it was easy to keep up the practice and sit for 20 minutes.”

Lindsey Adelman: “They feel happier, and it allows people to be themselves. TM is super helpful with being a business owner and a creative person. It’s the secret door to actually enjoying life.”

A group meditation at the Lindsey Adelman Studio.

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