On March 25, 2018, about 55,000 practitioners of the Transcendental Meditation technique, who had just participated in the second Global TM Group Meditation, listened as quantum physicist John Hagelin, Ph.D., President of Maharishi University of Management® (now Maharishi International University), explained how coherence in collective consciousness helps create world peace. He spoke from the university’s campus in Fairfield, Iowa.

Dr. Hagelin talked about how we are connected to each other in both observable and invisible ways. We are connected to family and friends emotionally, physically, visually, and verbally. We communicate through the five senses by phone, through the media, the internet, and so on. Each connection we make creates an influence that fades with time, but the connection, once created, remains and is not affected by distance.

Quantum Field Theory explains how these connections, whether between humans or between objects, continue to have an influence, even at huge distances and for all time.

In light of this understanding, Dr. Hagelin answered questions submitted by participants in the first Global TM Group Meditation that took place on January 13, 2018.