In 2015 artist Lawrence Sheaff, Ph.D. was a research scholar and artist-in-residence at Maharishi University of Management (MUM). A feature article by Mo Ellis explores how Sheaff’s work has been inspired by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of TM and MUM.

Sheaff had worked with Maharishi as a visual artist for 18 years, before resuming his own work as a painter in 1990. His goal then was to combine the two things he loved most: Vedic Science and painting.

“I didn’t want to overlay or impose Vedic Science onto my work from the outside,” reflects Sheaff. “Instead, I wanted it to authentically grow out of the process of painting itself and thus become an intimate personal experience. I began the Absolute Image Series in the UK in 1995.”

Sheaff recognizes a natural similarity between the beautifully complex geometric patterns of his paintings and traditional Vedic yantras, because they both utilize fundamental geometric forms, but he also points out a difference. “Yantras have a distinct function in their tradition,” he says. “My paintings have a different function. They are concerned with revealing the very foundation of our visual world.”

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