Practicing the Transcendental Meditation® (TM®) technique has helped me reconnect with my creative gifts. I am 49 years old, and in my teens and 20s, I often wrote poetry. But as I entered my 30s, I stopped writing when my creative voice became stifled by the demands and busyness of householding, parenting, and my career.

I started TM earlier this year simply to seek more calmness, clarity, and peace of mind, after seeing the very positive effects that the technique had on one of my friends. I found all of those things and more.

Anna Colton, hiking in Virginia

What’s interesting is that the return to writing poetry happened rather spontaneously, without me trying. After six months of regular TM practice, one day the words just started flowing.

I’ve also had the courage recently to share my writing with others. This has been incredibly meaningful and has allowed me to connect with other poets and creative communities that inspire and encourage me.

What a delicious surprise all of this has been, to reignite a creative flame which I had thought was forever lost to me!

After six months of regular TM practice, one day the words just started flowing.

Under One Sun

Let’s embrace each other
across Age, Race, Nations, Cultures, Creeds
as we recognize the struggles of today
and of those who came before us.

Let’s celebrate the beauty
in our differences
but also cherish what we share
as we look up
in Unity
under one Sun
one Moon
one Sky
as temporary travelers
on this sacred spinning rock
in the Milky Way.

Let’s work together
to do what we can
while we can
to make this Earth
a better home

For one day
we will be the ancestors
and what we do today
will be the story
that our children tell their children.



To see without eyes.
To touch without hands.
To hear without ears.

To Know with my Soul.

To Be
just the Me
before I had a name
and the world was thrust upon me.

To rest for a while
on the infinite shores
of eternal Light
and receive the Gift.



I am ten billion years old
and brand new
Ancient like stars
yet just arrived.

I am forever
and reborn every minute
in an endless re-creation.

I am the wheel
and the turner of the wheel
The music and the muse
The lyrics and the lyricist
The known and the knower.

The one beyond birth and death.

The bliss inside of every atom
The sound
The source
The light

Energy in a perpetual dance
Riding the waves of Infinity.


© 2019 Anna Colton


Anna Colton is the owner of Centradyne, an  IT recruiting and consulting firm. She lives in Herndon, Virginia, with her daughter Tara and her fiancé Amit. In addition to writing poetry, she also enjoys spending time in nature and traveling. Find more of her poems on Facebook at Mystic Vistas.