In spring 2016, the magazine Elevate ran a three-page article on the Transcendental Meditation® (TM) technique, in which veteran teacher and Executive Director of the David Lynch Foundation (DLF) Bob Roth describes his extensive work bringing this much-needed technique to people from all walks of life.

Having taught well-known figures like Cameron Diaz, Hugh Jackman, and many others, Roth explains why TM has become so popular again: “Either our days got more stressful (which I think is true) or else we’re just more keenly aware, medically speaking, of the devastating impact that everyday stress has on our physical and mental well-being.” Not only that, we’re determined to do something about it, hence the rise in yoga studios and all kinds of meditation practices, apps, and so on.

elevate-1In our search for relief, Roth says, it’s wise to know what kind of results to expect from each type of meditation. He describes the characteristics of three main types—Focused Attention, Opening Monitoring, and Self-Transcending—and their particular effects.


Roth then provides some “Fast Facts” about TM:

  • You don’t have to believe in it for it to work.
  • It’s practiced twice a day for 15-20 minutes.
  • It’s taught one-on-one by a certified teacher.
  • It’s practical and convenient to do.

He then outlines some of the findings from over 340 studies on how Transcendental Meditation

  • reduces high blood pressure and improves heart health;
  • reduces trait anxiety and chronic anxiety;
  • reduces post-traumatic stress among veterans by 50 percent;
  • increases creativity and intelligence and improves memory and focus; and
  • strengthens all parts of the brain, improving decision-making, planning, judgement, and a positive sense of self.

The David Lynch Foundation thus works tirelessly to bring this evidence-based, stress-relieving tool to all areas of society, from corporate offices to inner-city schools—with some schools reporting a 90 percent improvement in graduation rates!

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