For all these years, I’ve been fighting with my brain. I took medication to forget, but you can never forget,” said 49-year-old Beti Guevara, who was just a girl when her brother was slain 38 years ago. She is one of many who have lost a sibling or child to gun violence in Chicago and are finally finding relief through the Transcendental Meditation® (TM) technique, thanks to the support of the David Lynch Foundation (DLF).

After about a week of practicing TM, some report clearer thinking, greater calm, improved sleep, and new-found peace. “The quiet, say the mothers—most of whom have lost children to Chicago violence—was coming from within; a rediscovered inner peace thought to have died with their children,” reports Erin Meyer.

Meyer gives a full account of how these women were introduced to TM, its history, and the work of the DLF, including an interview on DNAinfo Radio Chicago.

Read Meyer’s full account and listen to her 7-minute interview here ►