Helen Boyce was born on September 25, 1920, and learned TM after watching Maharishi Mahesh Yogi being interviewed on the Merv Griffin Show in the mid-1970s. Helen continues to practice the TM technique twice a day and experiences the growth of inner silence or pure consciousness in her daily life.

In March of 1978, I attended the lecture on TM, and I learned to meditate. I immediately felt deep relaxation, tranquility, and quietness, and was instructed to meditate twice a day. I did the TM technique every day and just would take the time to do it because after the practice, I felt energized again and could continue on with my day. I have meditated regularly by myself for more than three decades. I found an energy that would come through, and I would be so relaxed after TM that I was able to continue moving forward in life. I had enormous energy.

As I practiced the TM technique more and more, each time I discovered I could make clearer decisions in my life. Beyond these practical benefits, I would have experiences of bliss, no mantra, no thoughts, transcendence. I have had experiences where I would meditate and thought it was 20 minutes and went way over with no thoughts in my mind—just inner wakefulness. There was nothing but my inner self, which I experience every time.

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