Ijust wanted to give you an update on me and my son. We are both doing very well with the TM technique. Life has been a lot less stressful. Actually, I notice I have little to no stress. My lower back and my neck no longer ache where I had pinched nerves. My mind seems clear, and I really don’t feel anxious anymore. You probably hear things like this all of the time, but for me this is a miracle!

I can’t thank you enough for teaching us TM. In fact, it’s been such a life-changer in such a short time that I have been talking to some of my friends about it. Two of them in particular are interested in doing TM. My good friend that I work very closely with four days a week over the phone and one day a week in the office is so amazed at the differences in me that if she had any skepticism, it has faded. She told me yesterday she wanted to do it and I was so excited. Thank you again for everything!

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