For award-winning photographer Marty Hulsebos, who has been practicing the Transcendental Meditation® technique for 40 years, TM® helps him revitalize his creativity on a daily basis. By turning inward, he can better see and appreciate the outer world: “My lifelong fascination with light and the ongoing drama it unleashes on landscapes is the heart of my art.” He took time out from his busy work and exhibition schedule to share his insights with Enjoy TM News.

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A Stepping Stone to Timelessness

How has your TM practice influenced your art and creativity?

I have found that TM has heightened my awareness of my surroundings. Before I learned to meditate, the world around me seemed so “out there,” so separate from me, and sometimes even a bit foreboding and fearful.

Now, I feel a strong connectedness with my environment, as if it’s my friend. I appreciate the beauty of everything around me so much more. And this has continued to grow over the years as I continue to meditate. It has led me to want to capture this beauty and share it with others.

It’s one thing to be in the present moment. I find TM to be a stepping stone to timelessness. This is a quality I like to convey in my art—and hopefully it inspires the experience of timelessness in others.

Seeing Something Deeper in Life

What is your philosophy of art and photography?

I feel that the art of photography has a role in helping us to see something deeper in life than what is on the surface.

I think that the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is literally true. Two people can see the same scene, yet be affected in completely different ways.

We can only see what we are capable of seeing. In order to see beauty around us, we have to be able to see the beauty inside of us. I find that TM uncovers that by getting rid of the stress.

I feel that every person has special talents that they can offer to the world. We rely on each other in areas where we are less able. With TM, I find that all abilities improve, including in areas that were shortcomings. It brings a sense of growing self-sufficiency. And along with that, a greater ability to be useful to people around me.

A Flow of Awareness from Inside to Outside

How does your TM practice influence your creative process?

Some have said tension is necessary to be creative. I feel differently. I find that with TM, my awareness is heightened naturally, and along with that comes greater energy and clarity. TM supercharges my creativity while reducing tension.

The connection between what is inside and what I see on the outside is really where I get things done. It is my personal artist studio—an internal flow of awareness from inside to outside, and back. TM gets rid of any obstructions to that flow.

The Experience of Light

How does your work reflect or enhance the expansion of consciousness?

The experience of light has inspired artists throughout the ages. The experience of light through our eyes seems to have an internal connection as well. Somehow, we are inspired by light. And when an artist creates the impression of light in an art work, it is powerful.

Art can appeal predominantly to our senses. But when it goes deeper and touches our heart and mind, it inspires and uplifts.

It’s hard to put into words what makes good art, but you know it when you see it. There is some primordial reaction that touches us deeply.

Do What You Love and Become More Awake Inside

What’s your advice for anyone who wants to bring more creativity into their lives?

Do what you love, and practice TM to become more awake inside, so that you find your own true artistic voice.

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Marty Hulsebos, born in Ridgewood, New Jersey, travels throughout the United States both to capture and exhibit his stunning landscape photography. His work has won awards at top, juried art shows, from Main Street in Fort Worth, Texas; the Iowa Arts Festival; the Chicago Botanic Garden Art Festival; and the Salem Art Festival in Oregon, among others. He prints his fine art photographs on metal with a unique multi-step process that gives the images depth and contrast, as well as on baryta-coated photo paper with archival pigmented inks. He currently lives in Iowa and Florida.

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