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The Arts

January 30, 2022

An Amazing Life | 53:42

Roy Eaton talks about his 85 years playing and creating music as a concert pianist and a composer for leading advertising agencies in New York City. He discusses how his TM practice has helped him through periods of extreme stress in his life, and shares a selection from one of his albums titled The Meditative Chopin.

Better Health

January 23, 2022

Driven to End Drug Addiction | 53:44

Kelvin O. Lim, M.D., Professor and Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Minnesota, discusses his research on neuromodulation and neuroimaging to help those with disorders like schizophrenia, traumatic brain injury, and addictions. He also talks about how daily TM practice has impacted his professional and personal life.

Individual & Society

January 16, 2022

Climate Change and Consciousness: Policy, Technology, and Social Coherence | 47:54

Robert C. Stowe, Ph.D., Co‑Director of the Harvard Project on Climate Agreements, discusses climate change policy and how raising individual and collective consciousness can contribute to implementing policies needed for this global challenge. He also talks about key technologies to reduce emissions.



January 9, 2022

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on the Unified Basis of Life | 55:30

TM Founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi describes the unified basis of life expressed in the world around us and experienced in the simple state of human awareness during our TM practice. Lea Cho, Director of Programs and Special Projects at the David Lynch Foundation, joins host Mario Orsatti to discuss Maharishi’s talk.

Personal Growth

January 2, 2022

The Treasure within Us: Discovering the Core Message in the World’s Spiritual Traditions | 50:03

Craig Pearson, Ph.D., author of The Supreme Awakening: Experiences of Enlightenment Throughout Time, illuminates descriptions of extraordinary wakefulness and bliss, to uncover the core teaching of great religions and wisdom traditions. This encore episode originally aired December 27, 2020.

The Arts

December 26, 2021

Uplifting Children and Their Community through Dance | 45:52

Tony Williams, founder of the Tony Williams Dance Center and Urban Nutcracker, and founder and artistic director of City Ballet of Boston, discusses the role of dance programs for children in inner cities, shares excerpts from the Urban Nutcracker, and talks about how 50+ years of TM practice have influenced his remarkable life. This encore episode originally aired December 13, 2020.

The Arts

December 12, 2021

Music, Meditation, and the Flow of Consciousness | 49:29

Ed Sarath, Jazz artist and professor, shares his music, reflects on the impact of TM on his work and life, and talks about the inspiration of TM Founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s unique approach to Vedic wisdom. He is Professor of Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation at the University of Michigan, and his books include Black Music Matters: Jazz and the Transformation of Music Studies.

The Arts

December 5, 2021

The Wisdom of the East in Meditation and Music | 47:05

Prof. Srinivas Reddy, a scholar and musician, talks about meditation and music in our lives. He is currently Visiting Asst. Professor of Religious Studies and Contemplative Studies at Brown University, and holds a teaching position in South and Southeast Asian Studies at India Institute of Technology in Gujarat, India. He is a concert sitarist and performs Indian classical music around the world.


November 28, 2021

Maharishi on the Goal of Meditation | 50:21

TM Founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, in a 1972 talk at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, explains how regular practice of the TM technique promotes the natural development of a person’s full potential. Bob Roth, David Lynch Foundation CEO, and Mario Orsatti, TM Talks host, discuss highlights from this classic talk. This encore episode originally aired June 6, 2021.

Better Health

November 21, 2021

West Meets East in Promoting Health | 46:38

Manisha Mittal, M.D., a leader in holistic medicine, discusses ways to use both western medicine and Maharishi AyurVeda® to help individuals recover from illness. She explains how Ayurveda can enliven the inner intelligence of nature and naturally prevent illness. Dr. Mittal is Rheumatology Director for the program in Graduate Medical Education at St. Agnes Medical Center in Fresno, California.

Better Health

November 14, 2021

Sleep Is Your Superpower | 52:40

Nancy H. Rothstein, a leading sleep expert known as The Sleep Ambassador®, talks about the latest research on how important sleep is for the well-being of body and mind, and for helping us maximize our TM practice. The Director of Sleep Health at Resonea, a wellness company, she also consults and speaks at Fortune 500 companies and other organizations to empower people to optimize their sleep.


November 7, 2021

We Are All Connected | 51:45

Tony Nader, M.D., Ph.D., M.A.R.R., a medical doctor and neuroscientist trained at Harvard and MIT, discusses how the underlying unity present in life’s diversity is the true nature of life. A renowned expert in the science of consciousness and human development, Dr. Nader is the successor to TM Founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the global leader of the teaching of the TM technique in 120 countries.

Business Success

November 15, 2020

What’s Love Got to Do with It? | 55:21

Steve Farber, a leadership consultant whose bestseller The Radical Leap: A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership was one of the 100 Best Business Books of All Time, talks about his newest book, Love Is Just Damn Good Business. As founder and CEO of The Extreme Leadership Institute, he has helped 25+ companies earn a spot on the Best Places to Work list.


October 3, 2021

Maharishi on the Nature of Enlightenment: Enriching All Aspects of Life | 51:09

TM Founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, in a 1971 talk at Humboldt State University, Arcata, California, explains how regular practice of the TM technique promotes the natural development of a person’s full potential. Bob Roth, CEO of the David Lynch Foundation, and host Mario Orsatti discuss highlights from this classic talk.

Business Success

November 6, 2022

Overcoming the Stress of a Demanding Profession | 49:25

Cecilia Pascual-Garrido, M.D., Ph.D., orthopedic surgeon and researcher, and Anna Maria Bombardieri, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and researcher at Stanford University School of Medicine, talk about the impact of TM practice for those in intensely challenging fields, such as operating room professionals. This encore episode first aired on  January 17, 2021.


Business Success

July 24, 2022

A World Champion’s Guide to Raising Performance to Extraordinary Levels (Part 1) | 49:33

Bob Litwin, World Champion senior tennis player and coach, talks about the keys to success and the role of TM in his professional and personal life. A #1 world-ranked senior tennis player, 25-time U.S. National Champion, and inductee of the Eastern Tennis Hall of Fame, he has been a coach for 40 years, helping athletes, executives, and start-up founders raise their performance.

The Arts

September 20, 2020

The Flow of Consciousness in Literature |50:41

Rhoda Orme-Johnson, Ph.D., co-author of The Flow of Conscious­ness: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on Literature and Language and other books, talks about how the study and experience of poetry and literature promote transcending and a deeper appreciation of consciousness, language, and the world around us.

Better Health

March 21, 2021

Living from the Heart | 45:13

Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, a leading cardiologist, bestselling author, and women’s health advocate specializing in prevention, discusses the vital role the TM technique plays in a heart‑healthy life, especially given the added challenges that women and men face in today’s world.

Business Success

August 8, 2021

Finding a Greater Purpose | 51:34

Chandrika Tandon, business leader, humanitarian, Grammy-nominated musician, founder of Tandon Capital Associates and the Krishnamurthy Tandon Foundation, and Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees of New York University and Chair of the Board of NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering, talks about her extraordinary life and the keys to her success. This encore episode originally aired November 22, 2020.


September 19, 2021

Philosophy of Science: Discovery of Wholeness in the Parts | 48:43

Eric Scerri, Ph.D., noted historian and philosopher of chemistry, discusses the importance for science to have a holistic understanding of the parts it studies, and how that applies to life in general. A UCLA faculty member and the founder and editor-in-chief of Foundations of Chemistry, Dr. Scerri was a participant in the PBS documentary The Mystery of Matter.

The Arts

July 5, 2020

Promoting Self-Worth, Self-Acceptance, and Self-Love in Kids and Teens | 45:12

Maria Scrivan, award-winning syndicated cartoonist of Half Full and author of the New York Times best-selling graphic novel Nat Enough, talks about helping kids and teens overcome obstacles to personal growth and learn how to be true to themselves with the challenges of social media and trying to fit in.


February 14, 2021

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on the Keys to Ideal Relationships | 52:13

TM Founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi gave an extraordinary talk on relationships and the nature of love and friendship at the University of Massachusetts in 1971. Bob Roth, CEO of the David Lynch Foundation, joins host Mario Orsatti to discuss the timeless principles that Maharishi brings to light.

The Arts

September 11, 2022

Jerry Seinfeld’s Take on TM (Part 1) | 52:08

Bob Roth, CEO of the David Lynch Foundation, discusses video excerpts from an hour-long interview he did on Sirius XM with award-winning comedian Jerry Seinfeld, the actor, writer, and producer best known for his iconic sitcom Seinfeld, the film Bee Movie, and the series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Mr. Seinfeld talks about how his TM practice since 1972 has helped him thrive in work and life.

The Arts

July 11, 2021

The TM Technique and Creativity | 52:08

Temple St. Clair, one of the world’s leading jewelry designers and winner of the Jewelers of America GEM award, is one of only three American artists (along with Louis Tiffany and Alexander Calder) in the Louvre’s permanent collection of decorative arts in Paris. She discusses her career and the role of her TM practice in enhancing her creativity. This encore episode originally aired July 26, 2020.

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