Alessandra Cuffaro talks about music as a representation of the essence of life—vibrating consciousness. She also discusses how her three years of daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique and its Advanced Techniques have impacted her professional and personal life.

Ms. Cuffaro is the first woman in the history of Italian violinists to perform the most difficult virtuoso pieces ever written for violin, Paganini’s “24 Capricci,” in one concert. Her more than 700 performances as a soloist with orchestra, solo violinist, or in chamber music have been reviewed in American, Italian, Spanish, French, and Eastern European media.

Ms. Cuffaro’s work in orchestras, chamber groups, and national and international competitions has earned critical acclaim. Her performances have been featured many times on Italian national television, and she appeared in a CBS Sunday Morning 2018 news feature about the ancient art of violin-making in the Italian town of Cremona. She has been a violin professor at the Italian Conservatory in Cagliari, Italy, and is currently a professor of violin at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

Alessandra Cuffaro talks about music as a representation of the essence of life—vibrating consciousness.

Mario Orsatti, the host of TM Talks and Senior Teacher of the Center for Health and Wellness, a division of the David Lynch Foundation, interviewed Ms. Cuffaro on October 10, 2021. This popular episode was rebroadcast on May 1, 2022.

Watch the discussion with Alessandra Cuffaro (58:01)

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